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Address: 4756 Peri Ranch Rd Sparks, Nevada,   89434

Phone: 775-342-0176


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After extensive renovations, Lance Gilman's World Famous Brothel opened for business on July 1, 2005. Susan Austin, general manager of the Wild Horse, spent a great deal of time, money, and effort to recreate the lavish atmosphere of the old Mustang parlor. Reportedly, she was even able to somehow contact fugitive former Mustang Ranch owner Joe Conforte, who many years earlier had fled to Brazil to avoid prosecution on tax charges, for his input on the renovations. The resulting brothel incorporates many more modern design and operational features while still retaining the lavish decor of the Mustang's heyday. Due to a continuing court battle with David Burgess, owner of the Old Bridge Ranch and nephew of Conforte, the rights to use the Mustang Ranch name was still in legal limbo. This ""old bordello at a new site"" was simply called the ""World Famous Brothel"", a name that resulted from the covering up of the ""Mustang Ranch"" portion of the original sign (which came with the building). In December 2006, a federal judge ruled that Gilman was the ""exclusive owner of the Mustang Ranch trademark"" giving him the rights to use the name and branding.

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