Chicken Ranch

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Address: 10511 Homestead Rd. Pahrump, Nevada,   89061

Phone: 702-382-7870


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Massage, Exchange Massage, Breast Massage, Lingerie Show, Bubble Bath, Hot French Oil Massage, Body French, Bondage, Dominance, Drag Party, Hot & Cold French, Movies, In Date, Audio Delight, Jacuzzi, Couples Party, Bungalow Party, Woman To Woman Party, Straight Lay, Half & Half, Reversed Half & Half, Two Girl Show, Two Girl Party, Vibrator, Fantasy Session, Creme de Menthe French, Shower Party, Seduction.

About Nevada Brothel

In early 1982, The Chicken Ranch changed ownership. While the brothel still maintains the quality and business-oriented approach espoused by Miss Jessie and Edna Milton, the traditional Madam role is now filled by a former biology teacher (who feels the brothel has the atmosphere of a sorority and his relationship to the ladies is not unlike a teacher has with his students) and the operation is definitely in the 20th century. Customers of The Chicken Ranch now arrive by chauffeured limousine instead of horses or model T�s as the brothel has its own free limousine service from Las Vegas.

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Visa and MasterCard accepted, ATM on premises.

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